Balancing Work and Life between Google and the Army National Guard; Googler and Intel Officer Nathan Iglesias

Episode 20 · January 20th, 2021 · 36 mins

About this Episode

Nathan Iglesias joined the California Army National Guard right after 9/11 – and after graduating college he essentially spent the next six years on active duty. He was trained as an intelligence officer, attended the military’s language school where he learned Dari, and later deployed to Afghanistan.

He eventually came off active duty and was recruited by Google. While he remains a member of the Army National Guard, we talk on this episode today about how he finds balance between these two demanding roles, perhaps more importantly, and how in many ways his career in the Army and at Google complement each other.

**Note: **The views Nathan expressed on the show are his along and not necessarily reflective of Google, the California National Guard or the U.S. Army.

Show Notes and Links:

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