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Get on the Show

Get on the Show

We are always looking for new veterans in business to interview!

We publish two episodes a month and book interviews in advance. Generally, we are looking for either business executives or entreprenuers to share career advice.

While we've interviewed veterans who are now in the c-suite, but that's not necissary. We've interviewed people from all ranks of business and in organizations both big and small. All we're looking for is experienced business professionals with sound career advice.

Typically, the podcast starts with a bit about the intervieee's time in service, their transition and advice for other veterans considering a similar career path. Businesses with specific programs aimed at attracting or retaining veteran talent are encouraged to step forward.

Are you a veteran of the armed forces and now in business? Have you started, grown or sold a company of your own? There are other veterans -- and busiensses that want to hire veterans -- out there that could learn from your story. Please use the contact form and let's see if your story is a fit for the show.